An Interview with Rob from Klarna

We caught up with Rob from Klarna, a new Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service provider that has teamed up with CommBank to find out more about their product & how it can help our clients & their merchants.

Takeaway #1: Klarna is a global leader in Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and is now available on the Australian market. Klarna can help retailers grow everywhere they trade! 

Takeaway #2: Shopify is one of Klarna's easiest integrations to get up and running quickly!

Takeaway #3: Merchants get paid post dispatch and in full, while Klarna takes on all the risk and collects payment directly from the customer

Process: How can Klarna benefit Shopify Retailers?
Rob: Klarna is a preferred alternative payments provider for Shopify globally. Klarna for Shopify is one of our easiest integrations to get up and running quickly! You can also find our On-site messaging service in the app store.

With over 205,000 retailers globally and an audience of 85 million shoppers - our shopping community grows at a remarkable speed, simply because we successfully connect the world’s biggest brands with the greatest shoppers!

Process: How does Klarna improve a customer’s shopping experience?
Rob: Klarna adds value to the shopping journey before the checkout, at the checkout and after the purchase! Customers can use the Klarna app to search for shopping inspiration and wishlist items they want to buy. Customers can also browse the Klarna shop directory to find retailers offering our flexible payment methods at the checkout. Of course, by selecting Klarna payment methods at the point of purchase gives consumers access to both affordability and convenience.

Process: What is the most interesting way a Merchant has used Klarna?
Rob: One of my favourite retailer use cases for Klarna was seeing a retailer launch ‘limited edition’ product drops that land mid consumer pay cycle and leveraging Klarna branding to promote the ‘take it home today’ message! Shopper’s inboxes are often cluttered with promotions on pay day - cut through the noise, use payment methods like Klarna to promote flexible purchase options throughout the month.

Process: What is your favourite Klarna feature?
Rob: Personally, I love the ability to wishlist items you like in our Shopping app. You can also set ‘price drop’ notifications against items in your wishlist and receive notifications when they’re on sale. It’s great for consumers and benefits retailers too. Shoppers can also create ghost cards in the shopping app to use Klarna anywhere online!

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Process: Can shoppers use Klarna’s pay-later products in store?
Rob: Absolutely - there are no limits to where Klarna can be offered to the consumer. We’re available via integrations at the point-of-sale.

Process: How quickly will merchants offering Klarna get paid?
Rob: Klarna settles payments to the merchant after products have been dispatched. Merchants get paid post dispatch and in full, while Klarna collects payment directly from the customer.

Process: What benefits does Klarna offer a globally expanding retailer?
Rob: There are several key benefits Klarna can bring to our retailer partners; our unique branding, ubiquity of service and global audience of prefilled customer information in the checkout. Our payment methods are locaised to all 19 core regions that we operate and tailored to consumer choice and pay cycle.

Process: What does the shopper experience look like with Klarna?
Rob: We give customers a seamless, intuitive and enabling shopping experience. With modern technology we offer a fresh take for online checkouts, including a one-click shopping experience.

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Process: How easy is it to get up and running with Klarna? What’s involved? (from a merchant perspective)
Rob: Getting setup with Klarna is a quick process. After consulting with our commercial team and being approved, our integration into an eCommerce store is very quick and easy. Be sure to leverage Klarna branding on landing pages and PDP. Retailers can also reach out to the team about co-marketing opportunities!

Process: Does Klarna require custom implementation or development to work? On Shopify?
Rob: No. This answer can vary depending on the retailers technical requirements. Our aim at Klarna is to make working with us as easy as possible. We’re product obsessed and constantly improving our integrations.

Process: How simple is it for a customer to begin paying with Klarna and is this made easier if customers are with the Commonwealth Bank?
Rob: Klarna has partnered with the Commonwealth Bank to offer affordable pay-later alternatives to retailers. Commonwealth Bank boasts over 17 million customers with 7 million digitally active customers. 4.6 million users log into the Commonwealth Bank app at least once per day - and you can sign up for Klarna directly within their app. Klarna also holds a banking licence and our union with the CBA expedites new consumer sign-ups. Merchant partners can take advantage of customers shopping with pre-filled checkouts when they select Klarna.

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Thanks for talking the time to chat to us Rob and give our merchants a bit more of an insight into Klarna. If anyone would like to more information on Klarna and a special sign-on offer please reach out to Rob, [email protected]