Conversion Rate Optimisation: Keep your customers adding to cart

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Online customers are increasingly savvy and are only too happy to shop around, so how do we ensure they add to your cart and not one of your competitors? 

Below is a breakdown on Process Creative’s top tips to get you on the right path for more customers to add to your businesses cart.

Remove Friction

Where is your add to cart button? Ensure your add to cart button is visible and in the right locations. This may sound obvious but the amount of sites we review have their add to cart not visible. When users are browsing Collection pages consider adding a quick add to cart button. This prompts users to simply add the product from the listing page without needing to navigate into the product page which removes additional clicks & friction. 

Always ensure your add to cart button is located "above the fold" on your Product Details page. This is critical as the real estate above the fold is so important with the hierarchy of the page. 

Consider adding a "sticky" add to cart button for when users scrolls down lengthy Product Details pages. This will remind the user and make it easier for them when they are reading your reviews etc at the bottom of the page to make the purchase without having to scroll back up to the top.

The power of social proof
Bored Cow

Leverage your hard earned reviews to help customers make favourable decisions when assessing your products. Customers are far more likely to trust other customer's opinions and will spend time reviewing their feedback before making a purchase - particularly on high value products. The more reviews you have the better chance you’ll have when customers are making that big decision to add to cart. These reviews should be displayed prominently on the product details page. Also, consider displaying star ratings on your collection or product listing pages. 

Showcase not only product reviews but perhaps testimonials that highlight your overall customer experience - feature examples where your staff have gone above and beyond for customers. The service and customer experience you provide can be just as important as the product and is a big factor when making a purchase decision, we want to eliminate any second thoughts a customer might have.

Get their attention

Labels are an excellent way to assist customers on making purchasing decisions on the listing page without being intrusive. Users can leave your site before they even get to your product page. By displaying labels on your products you can demonstrate value or highlight certain incentives that may nudge visitors to click on and gain a better understanding your products benefits. 

Highlighting popular products can also be a great way to mitigate decision paralysis. Similarly communicating urgency with “low in stock” or “30% off today” can help nudge them to take action.

Labels need to stand out – try different colours and styles. Labels typically work best when displayed prominently on a collection or product listing page.

Never stop testing

Make sure you’re A/B split testing various areas of your site you see dips in traffic or cool patches in your heat maps. Simply put, you don't know what you don't know. If you're not testing you're flying blind. 

Whilst you may feel your messaging is resonating well, or a page is beautiful or "on brand", it might not be getting traction with end users. Testing is so important with ecommerce - we all know websites are not static; they need to evolve over time and they best way of doing that intensionally is by testing and validating your assumptions.

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