Shopify Editions: Summer 2024

What is Shopify Editions?
Every six months, Shopify unveils to the world its newest products and technologies, presenting the latest innovations and enhancements across the Shopify platform. This is an exciting time for everyone in the Shopify space and also for our team who can’t wait to use all the new features! More often than not, there is always something in these releases that is bound to grow your business to new levels of success.

All New Analytics

Shopify’s analytics and reporting capabilities are receiving a significant update. The Analytics tools have been rebuilt and now stream data in real-time.

Merchants now can customise their analytics dashboards by adding or removing elements or changing the overall layout.

There’s also a comprehensive suite of pre-built reports to address the most common questions business owners may need answers to.

The new features include a new centralised code editing experience allowing merchants to write their own custom ShopifyQL code to query your data.

Analytics Dash

Markets gets a big upgrade

It’s now easy to manage your global DTC stores all in one location alongside your retail POS location and B2B stores! This will make it far easier to create custom experiences from a single store, without needing to split inventory or having to worry about keeping data in sync across multiple websites.

Markets1 hi Res3
Markets2 hi Res

Shopify Market’s Pro is now being rebranded as Managed Markets. It’s still only available in the USA and unfortunately, there’s no word on when this will be released in Australia. The new Duties Inclusive Pricing feature ensures transparent pricing by integrating duties and import taxes into product costs. While we wait for Managed Markets to be released outside the US we do have solutions for non-US merchants looking to expand overseas. Get in touch to discuss further.

Split Shipping in checkout

Previously, customers were only able to see a single shipping cost and timeframe at checkout.

Now, with Split Shipping, customers will be able to see which products will be shipped and when whilst also being able to select options such as the fastest or cheapest.

Let’s say a customer orders 4 items and 2 of them can be fulfilled from the online warehouse located in Sydney, whilst the other 2 products are only available at the Fitzroy store in Melbourne. This scenario is now better communicated to the customer and provides them with more control over their shipping experience.

Split shipping

Ship to and from retail stores

Creating an amazing omnichannel experience for customers just got a little easier.

Shopify's new "Ship to & From Retail Store" feature, transforms retail locations into mini-fulfillment centres. This update allows merchants to use their stores for local deliveries and in-store pickups, resulting in faster shipping times and improved customer satisfaction.

Integrating physical store inventory with online operations optimises stock management, reducing the risk of stockouts and overstock. This seamless approach, fully integrated with Shopify POS, not only lowers shipping costs but also streamlines operations, making it a valuable enhancement for any Shopify merchant.

Now available for all Shopify plans.


Build Standout B2B Experiences

Shopify is adding even more to its product arsenal for the B2B space. With all-new manual payment methods, support for headless B2B storefronts and hydrogen templates, and a brand-new slick B2B theme, you can enhance your B2B experience like never before.

Enjoy seamless manual payment methods like bank transfers and international wires at checkout, build unique experiences and use your preferred tech stack with headless B2B storefronts, and get access to the all-new B2B theme perfected for repeat and bulk purchasing.

We’ve been working on a lot of B2B stores recently! These additional capabilities will be welcomed by a good few of our clients.


More Customisation Than Ever Before

You can now more easily tailor your commerce solutions with advanced APIs:

  • Exchange APIs simplify managing returns and exchanges, improving workflow and reporting.

  • Customise omnichannel discounting with Discount Functions for POS using flexible APIs.

  • Enhance storefront appearance with Checkout Extensibility through the Branding API, offering more styling options.

  • Streamline checkout with the Storefront Cart API, enabling prefill features for a seamless buyer experience.

  • Utilise Customer Account API metafields to store and access customer information, enhancing personalised services.

Shop Pay Commerce Component
Shopify is introducing an exciting new Shop Pay Commerce Component product, making integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud effortless. Enhance business operations with streamlined deployment and expanded functionality, including Buy Online and Pickup In Store (BOPIS) capabilities for seamless online-to-offline shopping experiences.

Get Ready to Gain a New Marketing Edge (US & CA only)

Still only available for our North American clients, Shopify Audiences is continuing to improve. User privacy and cookie limitations are making ad retargeting harder to execute every year, with Shopify’s new Shopify Audience product you will never have to spend more than your max CAC ever again. Discover new ways to reach customers through top advertising platforms with Shopify Audiences. This new targeting tool enables advertisers to maximise their marketing budget by achieving up to 2x more orders for every dollar spent on retargeting.

Shopify Magic AI

Enjoy Shopify’s brand new Shopify Magic AI Assistant to unlock new tools that streamline and enhance your ecommerce journey:

  • Media editor: Shopify is bringing AI-enabled image generation everywhere - allowing you to make instant media edits in the Shopify mobile app, Online Store Editor, Email Editor and anywhere else you access media in the Shopify admin.

  • Smart suggestion for categories & attributes: You can now easily classify your products with Shopify Magic-suggested categories, attributes, and values to make them more discoverable in your storefront and marketplaces - saving you time and improving your store all at the same time

  • Sidekick: Powered by Shopify Magic, Sidekick helps you tackle time-consuming tasks, jumpstart the creative process, and make better business decisions with expert Shopify advice. The Sidekick is tailored to each business providing specific tips and tricks throughout your ecommerce journey.

Shopify AI Chatbot Sidekick image generationofficial 1536x887 jpg

We’re really only scratching the surface here and there are over 150 updates in this release alone. Be sure to check out all the updates on the Editions Summer ‘24 site.

Want to learn more about Shopify and the exciting new features coming to the platform? Reach out to the team at Process Creative today.