Sydney Shopify Meetup Recap

On a sunny Spring evening last week we held our second Sydney Shopify meetup down in Darling Harbour. With a great lineup of speakers and partners onboard, the event was full of networking, collaborating and preparing merchants to gear up ahead of peak season.

These events wouldn't be possible without our incredible partners, a shoutout to the teams over at Shopify, Refundid, Searchspring and ShipStation!

If you missed the event we've popped together a little recap and some photos from the evening below!

Thank you to the team over at Virtue Creative for capturing the photos on the evening. 

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Julia Bucalina is a Senior Client Success Manager at Shopify Plus, she’s worked within the ecommerce industry for the last 10 years. She assists merchants in growing and developing in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Julia shared with us all around the trends and opportunities of peak season 2022. It was great timing with BFCM just around the corner!

So what are the upcoming key dates to mark in your calendar? Check them out below:

  • 9th November - Click Frenzy

  • 11th November - Singles’ Day

  • 26th November - Black Friday

  • 29th November - Cyber Monday

  • 25th December - Christmas

  • 26th December - Boxing Day

What are Julia’s Top 5 Areas to Focus on?

  • Acquire, Learn, Retain & Trim

  • Be where your customers are

  • Build for long term

  • Make checkout easier

  • Be simple, be clear

Here are some helpful resources in the lead up to peak season:
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Brad is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sydney based Refundid. Founded in July 2020 and launched in February 2021, Refundid is a fintech tool designed to cut, or essentially eliminate, waiting times for refunds for products bought online.

Brad discussed how you may be losing revenue to refunds and what you can do to address this.

On average, in ecommerce the typical returns policy is a 10.5 day wait period. From the moment the customer sends the item back to the post office, the item arrives at the warehouse waiting to be processed to finally receiving their refund. 

Refundid offer a game changing refund offering, allowing customers to receive their refund instantly and whats better is that it leaves you, the merchant with absolutely no risk!

With peak season just around the corner and an increase in sales, we also know that this will in turn come with more refund requests. There has never been a better time to consider implementing Refundid.

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Paul is an entrepreneur, gamer and artist from Sydney. Paul developed a passion for negotiating while living in Hong Kong as a youngster, where he would roam the streets of Stanley Market and haggle with stall owners for rare Pokemon cards. Since then Paul has started, bought, grown and sold several businesses, including a self-operated window cleaning business and most notably in recent times Earjobs; Australia & New Zealand's largest online ear plug store.

Paul shared with us his success story and the growth of Earjobs over the years. He discussed tips and tricks he’s learnt along the way and personal experiences to create a successful online business.

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