The 5 Key Takeaways From The Sold Out Sydney Shopify Meetup

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The team at Process was so thrilled with the latest Sydney Shopify meetup. Thank you to everyone that made it out to All Hands Brewery. This event was completely sold out, sorry to those that missed out. We might have to get a bigger venue next time. The Sydney Shopify community is growing rapidly and we are so proud to be a part of this growth.

One of the things we love about the Shopify community is how open and honest everyone is when sharing their personal experiences. Ecommerce is hard, what worked last month might not be working anymore. That’s why we think it’s more important than ever to spend time with other Shopify entrepreneurs. So many great conversations last night, both on and off the stage.

With guest speakers from Shopify, Facebook, and Citizen Wolf much of the information shared at the last meetup could not be found anywhere online. For those that missed out, we have cherry-picked some of the very best actionable takeaways to share with the greater Shopify community.

Below are the top five key takeaways from this sold-out event.

Side wide discounts with free shipping is the most profitable sales strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Amy Zobec from Shopify shared some amazing insights about what drives holiday sales on Shopify. Discounting individual items may sound like a better deal for your bottom line, but the data says otherwise. Amy’s research has shown that customers respond best to sitewide discounts with free shipping better than any other discount strategy.

Buying your traffic early creates the highest converting audiences

Don’t limit your sales period to only one or two weekends. Data shows that holiday gift search traffic starts building in the middle of October. Customers are responding to much longer sales periods. Some savvy Shopify merchants are extending discount promotions for the two weeks surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday and are experiencing amazing results. Don’t leave money on the table, make November the sales month for your company.

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The best time to send coupon codes is right after the customer has made a purchase

Give your customers the opportunity to purchase the items they were on the fence about with an instant discount code right after they place their primary order. Data shows that repeat orders spike within the first few hours of making a purchase when you give them an incentive to buy the items they left in the shopping cart.

Shopify is rolling out emailing marketing features for all Shopify users at no extra cost

Shopify is committed to giving e-commerce entrepreneurs all the tools they need to successfully run an online business. Built-in email marketing features will soon be available to all merchants starting from early next year. This is so exciting and we are really looking forward to seeing what Shopify can do with email marketing and customer communications.

Single product stores are crushing it on Shopify

Don’t think for a second that you need a large selection of products to build a thriving business on Shopify. A single product targeted to a single audience is paying big dividends. If you have something special to share with the world that might not be the best fit for everyone but is the perfect fit for just the right person, Shopify is just the right place for you and your business.

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A special thank you to our sponsors for helping make this event happen. Okendo, Shopify, Payoneer, Reload Media, and Virtue Creative.

Thank you to everyone that made it to the Sydney Shopify Meetup last night. We hope you all learned something and we look forward to seeing you all on March 11th next year for the next meetup. Until then, good luck with your holiday promotions and happy holidays.

Click here to review the slides from our guest speakers.