A reimagined retail experience for Australian fashion label Oxford


Oxford partnered with process and executed an omnichannel retail experience that tastefully layered their brand narrative on top of robust technical capabilities. Process Creative designed a new website on Shopify Plus with custom design, build, complex migration and ERP integration to achieve this.

  • Design UI/UX
  • Shopify Plus Development
  • Optimization Strategy

The results

Oxford partnered with process and executed an omnichannel retail experience that tastefully layered their brand narrative on top of robust technical capabilities. Process Creative designed a new website on Shopify Plus with custom design, build, complex migration and ERP integration to achieve this.

Within three months from launch, Oxford saw the following results:

Page speed
Oxford Home Desktop
Oxford The Brand 3

The brand

Established in 1978, Oxford has been one of Australia’s longest standing retailers — providing over 40 years of tailored excellence, contemporary design, and the finest responsibly sourced materials.

As consumer shopping behaviours have become more fluid between in-store and online, Oxford wanted to ensure they were providing a true omnichannel retail experience.

Through a technical-focused lens, Oxford was convinced that the Shopify Plus platform was equipped with the right infrastructure to get them there. To capture Oxford’s brand vision they turned to Process Creative to craft a considered user experience.

Coupled with Shopify Plus platform and Process Creative’s UX and eCommerce brand strategy experience, a strong foundation was set for Oxford’s transformation.

The challenge

Oxford identified the following key pain points for consideration;

  • Oxford wasn’t happy with their website speed performance and how their back-end was configured.
  • Their page load speed was slow and their site wasn’t optimised for mobile. Making website updates was tedious
  • Their ongoing maintenance was expensive and time-consuming.

From Process Creative’s point of view, it was just as important to bring the brand and UX conversation to the table. The website lacked brand storytelling consistency and was heavily male-dominated, which wasn’t the future vision of the brand, and more importantly their sales data did not reflect.

Oxford The Brand
Oxford Wires Cart 3

The strategy

When Oxford approached Process Creative, they invisioned becoming a truly omnichannel brand — but it was going to take more than migrating off their current platform and switching to Shopify’s tech infrastructure to get there.

How did Process Creative and Shopify work together to bring the vision to life?

During initial discovery, Process Creative found a number of conversion barriers and narrative gaps in Oxford’s old site. These were discussed and articulated in a series of blueprints outlining each creative detail. The strategies implemented are outlined below.

Oxford Gall Brand Narrative

1. Brand narrative integrated throughout the site

To differentiate from other fashion sites, Oxford needed to shift away from being a purely transactional site and focus on showcasing their brand narrative. This was achieved by weaving a sequence of storytelling callouts as the user scrolled down the home page — communicating features such as “established in 1978” and “Australian woolmark. ” these features meant that customers are consistently reminded of the premium and quality-made product, so they work as conversion assets through the customer journey.

Oxford Gall Mens Womans 2

2. Men and women wayfinding

Previously, Oxford’s old site was highly skewed towards a singular demographic. During the initial research stages, it was clear there was an opportunity to for the site to have a gender diversity. We utilised data points to validate our hypothesis which in turn influenced the navigation and wayfinding throughout the site.

To demonstrate, in the top navigation there are both "men" and "women" as first level menu items that branch out into a mega nav with visual featured sub categories. Throughout the site there are CTA (call to action) buttons that link to both men and women collections. This enables customers to immediately funnel customers through to their relevant area of the site.

Oxford Gall Complete The Look

3. Complete the Look

Based on market research, we had the hypothesis that customers shop for suits as they either have an occasion coming up or want to expand their corporate work wardrobe. Due to this, we wanted to make it easy to purchase a whole outfit opposed to singular items. We achieved this through a"complete the look" feature on the site below the top product detail section. This feature links the relevant products to the parent product to form an outfit.The outcome is two fold; customers who are short on time or want a styled outfit are kept satisfied and Oxford increases basket size and AOV.

Oxford Gall Product Narrative

4. Product Narrative

As suits are often at a higher price point than some other articles of clothing, we wanted the product detail page to include sections rich in storytelling to help convey the features of the product to the customer. To introduce an ​​​​experiential element, we included a close up of the fabric so that that tactile experience is brought online, along with a position for a product specific video. Further to this, below this section, we introduced ‘how to videos’ to ensure the user is confident with their measurements for "how to measure" and "how to tie a tie", to make sure the user is confident with their measurements.

Why this increases conversion? Product narrative around features helps the customer decide on a purchase and what is right for them, removing any conversion barriers. The educational content ("How to tie a tie") tactfully moves the brand away from the transactional and offers value to customers in additional ways other than simply purchasing a product.

Oxford Gall Sticky Cart

5. Sticky AJAX add to cart

We included an AJAX add to cart as a sticky on the product detail page so that at any stage of the journey, customers can add to their cart. This increases conversion, and is beneficial on product detail pages as we don't want the user to continue scrolling back up once they're convinced on the purchase.

Oxford Gall AJAX Cart

6. AJAX Cart

We built an AJAX cart overlay that drops down from the top of the screen after a user adds a product. This provides the user with immediate feedback after adding the product. Further, this feature optimises a seamless shopping experience as it prevents a page refresh. The cart overlay includes an upsell feature such as ’add one more suit to qualify for a bundle’ to encourage customers to increase their average order value by adding more items to cart.

Oxford Gall Lookbook
190203 OXFORD SW19 17 2239 02 COLOUR

7. Interactive Lookbook

To visually engage customers, we created an interactive lookbook on the site as Oxford often has seasonal collections that they launch, and their customers sometimes want to shop a certain style or collection. This allows customers to flick through campaign shots of the products in a more lifestyle context as they would a magazine including direct links through to the product details pages.

How did Process Creative and Shopify build this solution?

Oxford required a seamless workflow to help connect their retail POS system to the Shopify Plus platform. In order to achieve this, Process Creative needed to build a custom ERP integration.

Here's how we did it...

Oxford API

Integrated with a complex third party ERP platform

Process Creative integrated Oxford’s existing ERP system, Harmony, with the Shopify Plus platform.

Why is this important?

  • This brought inventory level changes down from hours to minutes allowing for real-time stock syncing over daily stock changes.
  • It alleviated concerns when it came to outdated or oversold inventory, which made the need for a stock buffer obsolete.
  • Integrating with Shopify Locations has allowed Oxford Shop to offer all of their retail stores as a dispatch origin. In addition, they can monitor product inventory for physical stores and always know where there is something in stock.
Oxford Store POS

An integration to enable syncing of all orders between the Shopify and their POS system in real-time

Process Creative rebuilt the middleware connector in order to help the Shopify Plus platform communicate with Oxford’s POS system Harmony.

Why is this important?

  • Leveraging webhooks, data changes are now close to real time — removing the need for a number of slow daily CRON based syncs.
  • The Customer Support Team can focus on supporting customers rather than manual content entry.
Oxford Sync

Enhanced import from ERP platform for products on Shopify Plus

Process Creative automated the communication between Oxford’s ERP system, Harmony, with Shopify Plus. We did a mapping sync of information to ensure any product information entered in Harmony could be the single source of truth.

Why is this important?

  • This reduced the need for excessive data entry.
  • Allowed for data to be consolidated into a single platform and shared with the Shopify site.
  • Stocking new items in Harmony now appear and are automatically categorised on Shopify, which are based on set tags.
  • Improved the online user experience by automatically taking outdated styles offline and creating appropriate redirects to relevant products.
OXFORD D Collection Shirts Copy 3 2x

Built a custom omnichannel gift card experience and a fully custom click and collect service

Process Creative resolved another pain point by allowing customers to shop seamlessly between in-store and online with gift cards.

Why is this important?

  • This provided a value add for loyal customers by offering cross-channel discounts and promotions.
  • The gift card experience was made available prior to COVID-19 to complete the transition from offline to online.
  • This increased sales by offering more channels for sales and allowing customers to manage orders how they want.
  • It reduced returned mail from failed delivery attempts when customers’ schedules changed.

The Results

With the expertise and guidance from Process Creative, Oxford has reimagined their technical and brand narrative retail experience. Oxford now sees both as equal parts to becoming a successful omnichannel brand.

Process Creative was able to come to the table with all of the technical expertise, but presented in a way that always considered the complete brand offering — which is vital for any brand upholding a decades-old reputation.

The Oxford team have managed to automate their systems with a robust and reliable infrastructure which has achieved a sophisticated omnichannel retail experience.

Before vs. After

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